• Incredible experiences

    in the heart of La Rioja

  • Incredible experiences

    in the heart of La Rioja

  • A charming village in the

    Sierra de Cameros mountains

  • Independent spaces

    for you and your family

  • Independent spaces

    for you and your family

  • Tourism for all

    La Rioja Accesible Apartments

    See apartments

  • Tourism for all

    La Rioja Accesible Apartments

    See apartments

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Rural tourism complex – Liquidámbar in Torrecillas en Cameros, La Rioja

Villa Liquidámbar,
a unique experience in the heart of La Rioja

This tourist complex offers the following
3 apartments 2 of which are adapted, 2 rural properties and much more

All three La Rioja apartments, two of which are adapted, have independent entrances from the street. Each one has a single floor layout. Ideal for a couple with children or for four people.

The typical farm manor is divided into two separate independent rural properties; Villa I and Villa II,. They may be reserved separately or as one large unit as they are in the same building.

Each house has its own, independent entrance. They can also be connected internally, which provides a wonderful set-up for larger groups of 16 to 25 people.

The Villa Liquidambar tourist complex has a capacity for 2 to 40 people.

Extensive private green grounds

1750 m2 of private green areas between the Canal del Molino del Moro channel and the Iregua River

Villa Liquidambar Rural Tourist Complex which include the La Rioja Accessible Apartments
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COVID-19 Protective Measures

Rural and countryside life, where you’ll feel safe and at home

Our rural properties and accessible apartments in La Rioja are prepared to welcome you and meet all ICTE security requirements.

Private lodging for you and your family. Taste freedom, take in the natural wonders of our tranquil village, Torrecilla en Cameros.

Embrace our land. Come and enjoy the Sierra de Cameros mountains. 

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Complejo Villa Liquidámbar en Torrecilla en Cameros

Safe and independent accommodations with plenty of green space

Molino del Moro Mill, special events area

We have converted this rock structure, for centuries a veneered site, transforming it into an area of leisure, celebrations and a magnificent meeting place.

Imagine getting married here?

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Wide open private green spaces

Picturesque and exclusive independent gardens for the enjoyment of our guests. Our green properties are environmentally sustainable, with crystal-clear springs
Come and enjoy

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Ribera del Iregua Park

 This communal area within our complex. is for the enjoyment of all of our guests. In the center of this park we converted a large stone from the Molino del Moro mill into a magnificent table for our guests use.
Evenings and sunsets are amazing here!

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La Rioja Accessory Apartments

3 Tourist apartments (2 accessory apartments)

Accesible apartment in La Rioja

Accesible apartment
La Rioja I · Sound


Accessible apartment La Rioja I

Accessible apartment for 2+2 people

Accessible apartment in La Rioja

Accessible apartment
La Rioja II · Light


Accessible apartment La Rioja II

Accessible apartment for 2+2 people

Tourist Apartament in La Rioja

Tourist Apartament
La Rioja III · Image


Tourist Apartment La Rioja III

Tourist apartment for 2 + 2 people

Our rural properties

We offer two independent rural properties Villa Liquidámbar I & Villa Liquidámbar II,
which can either be reserved separately or together as they are in the same building.

Vist rural house Villa Liquidámbar I

Casa Villa Liquidámbar I

Rural house
for 10 places + 5 supplementary beds

Villa Liquidámbar I

Full rental

  • 5 Bedrooms
  •  3 Bathrooms
  •  10 places + 5  supplementary beds
Vist rural house Villa Liquidámbar II

Casa Villa Liquidámbar II

Rural house
for 6 places + 6 supplementary beds

Villa Liquidámbar II

Full rental or by rooms

  • 3 Bedrooms
  •  3 Bathrooms
  •  6 + 6 supplementary beds
Joint accommodation
 Villa Liquidámbar I y II

Joint accommodation
Villa Liquiámbar I y II

for groups of 16 to 25 people

Joint accommodationVilla Liquidámbar I y II

internally comuncated
accommodation for groups of 16 to 25 people

Rent by rooms

Villa Liquidámbar II

If you wish we have rooms for rent in our house Villa Liquidámbar II

3 rooms  for 4 people (2 places + 2 supplementary) in each room

Junior Suite Pop · Villa Liquidámbar II

Junior Suite Pop
in Villa Liquidámbar II

2 places + 2 supplements

Junior Suite "Pop"

2 places + 2 supplements

Junior Suite La Roja · Villa Liquidámbar II

Junior Suite La Roja
in Villa Liquidámbar II

2 places + 2 supplements

Junior Suite "La Roja"

2 places + 2 supplements

Junior Suite a través del espejo · Villa Liquidámbar II

Junior Suite
A través del Espejo

2 places + 2 supplements

Junior Suite "A través del Espejo"

2 places + 2 supplements

Reviews from our guests

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VI Edición de los Veranos en Verde en Villa Liquidámbar. Un programa estival lleno de actividades

Capital con nombre, apellidos e historia

Torrecilla en Cameros vive cada vez más del turismo. Enclavado en plena sierra, sus calles tienen huella de esos indianos que fueron a hacer las américas y regresaron.
8 de april de 2021

Escapada a Camero nuevo, una Rioja muy auténtica

En las faldas de la sierra Cebollera asoma esta comarca casi desconocida llena de planazos rurales.

Todavía existen en La Rioja algunos territorios no tan conocidos para el gran público pero no por ello menos interesantes. Uno de estos lugares la comarca de Cameros, concretamente El Camero Nuevo (al sur de La Rioja Media), un destino perfecto para practicar ...
4 de diciembre de 2020

"Secure sharing family moments in green spaces that will make you fall in love"

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