Services at the rural complex 
Villa Liquidámbar

Our facilities are ideal for a variety of activities, including ceremonies, training sessions and courses, business meetings or any other kind of event. Weddings are our specialty.

A unique setting for a unique wedding     See wedding dossier

A multi-purpose setting, for a wedding, baptism, bar mitzvah, a first communion, a birthday, a wine tasting organized by an expert winemaker, or on a more serious note… business workshop sessions.

The Molino del Moro Mill, can be used either as an open or closed venue, ideal for the organization of any event or celebration.

The 100 m2 of reformed original walls, frame the stunning arch entrance to this unique ancient wheat mill. Conversation about this rich past are triggered by gazing at the flooring.

The Rivera del Iregua Park, complements any celebration or meeting, with its 1200 m2 of lush grounds, ideal for relaxing after any special event.

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Villa Liquidámbar offers

Amenities ideal for ceremonies, business courses and events

Weddings in very special and unique setting
An 18th Century mill

A centennial arch, frames the traditional “I do”, in this restored mill, adapted also for all types of events.

Imagine, hand in hand with your partner… for better or for worse… along this magical river setting which provides the music on this most special day.

The food and catering for the guests is served from a separate and exclusive garden; the park next to the Iregua River, with table space and the expected dance area of over 1200 m2..

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First Communions and baptisms

We offer the ideal space for your daughter or son to enjoy their special day, along with their friends and family. The Molino del Moro Mill is the perfect spot for an arranged catering service, a full meal or an afternoon snack. The Rivera del Iregua Park complements this marvelous setting where the little ones and not so little, can enjoy playing games, music or entertainment.

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Celebrate your 30th, 40th or 50th birthday in a special setting

Celebrating a birthday is always reason for a party, from the moment when one anxiously blows out candles on a scrumptious cake, until dancing til the body gives out; always with loved ones, special people who can’t miss out on this special party.

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Nature conservation classes

The whispered mantra of the Iregua River, combined with the spirituality of this historical space is a natural trademark of the Molino del Moro Mill and the Rivera del Iregua Park. This is indeed the perfect setting for organizing wine tasking with an expert enologist, yoga or pilates- meditation classes or even cooking sessions.

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Telework from one of our apartments

We have fiber WiFi, with excellent coverage, throughout the Villa Liquidámbar Tourist complex. This includes all green areas and gardens and the Ribera del Iregua Park.  Telework at ease, without interruptions, surrounded by nature and to the rhythm of our rural settings.

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Facilities at the complex

  • Luggage storage
  • Beauty parlour service
  • Entertainment & recreation
  • Free WiFi in communal areas
  • Lounge-sitting room
  • Weddings and private parties
  • Bicycle parking
  • Children’s books, games and videos
  • Children’s playground
  • High chairs
  • Cribs
  • ...
  • Free parking outside complex
  • ...

A healthy setting to enjoy in family

Come and visit; you’ll lack nothing!

Local sport and cultural activities

  • Observe native animals
  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Gastronomy
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Mushroom gathering
  • Bird watching
  • Road cycling
  • Fly fishing
  • Golf
  • Horseback riding
  • Karaoke
  • Mountain biking
  • Montañismo
  • Museums / galleries
  • Front tennis
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Shopping
  • Squash court
  • Covered tennis courts
  • Theater
  • Water activities
  • Wine tasting
  • Street parties
  • Wine tourism

Open green spaces with a special touch, ideal for the enjoyment of our guests, or for celebrating a wide variety of events, from wine tasting to business meetings or weddings.

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